News: Brazil's DARK SHIP Posts New Music Video "You Can Go Back"

Brazilian dark/gothic/symphonic metal act DARKSHIP have released their new music video "You Can Go Back" in support of their 2016 debut album "We Are Lost". The video is also a re-recorded track featuring new members violinist Ander Santos and vocalist Marcos Follador. The music video was directed by Douglas Coutinho and presents footage shot at historical places in Rio Grande do Sul.

To watch "You Can Go Back", please visit the following link:

DARK SHIP's debut album "We Are Lost" features ten songs and is the band's first release of a planned concept trilogy that tells a fictional story about two people in love who are controlled by a higher force called “Darkship”.

Track Listing:

1. The Universe Conspires
2. Black Tears
3. I Can Wait For You
4. Different Days
5. We Are Lost
6. Prison Of Dreams
7. II Hearts
8. You Can go back
9. Eternal Pain
10. Frozen Feelings

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