Flenser newcomers Low Estate have unveiled another brooding new track off of their forthcoming album, The Covert Cult of Death.  Listen to "Masked Illusion," which features guest vocals from legendary Dwid Hellion of Integrity, today via Decibel Magazine.
On The Covert Cult of DeathLow Estate deals in heaviness that exists somewhere near the low-end of black metal with a healthy dose of 90’s hardcore and a dash of Jesus Lizard stirred in for good measure. The album wears its influences on its sleeve and is a winding and propulsive meditation on the world as it is, as it has always been. 
The band, which features Brendan Tobin (Red Sparowes) on bass, Geoff Garlock (Orchid) on guitar, Jimmy Hubbard (The Year is One) on vocals, and Christopher Todd (Sannhet) on drums, is an example of a whole being greater than the sum of its parts.  With this venerable lineup, Low Estate has delivered its debut album which is set for release on October 22nd through San Francisco’s The Flenser
Look for more news to surface soon.
Low Estate, live:
September 23  Brooklyn, NY @ Bazaar w/ Have a Nice Life, Planning For Burial, Elizabeth Colour Wheel

The Covert Cult of Death - Track Listing:

1.  The Rope
2.  From A Silver Tongue
3.  Comfort In Futility
4.  R-Complex
5.  Circle of Error
6.  Day of Days (feat. Zachary Lipez of Publicist UK)
8.  Forced
9.  Shame (feat. David Castillo from Primitive Weapons)

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