News: Abandoned By Bears Debut New Music Video


ABANDONED BY BEARS has delivered a previously unreleased track, an absolutely infectious cover of The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” The smooth Motown classic smacks you in the face with a dose of easycore, then kisses it and makes it all better with its worldly recognized lyrics. The track comes as the Swedish punk mob begin their inaugural UK tour tomorrow.

“We chose this song because it brings back so many memories from our youth,” shares drummer Max Fahlman. “It would be a complete lie if we told you that Michael Jackson didn't inspire us in our songwriting. The way he grew up as a child star to become the undisputed King of Pop, his legacy has touched artists of all kinds - musicians, actors, poets, and the general world of pop culture. It’s nearly impossible to name a bigger star from his era. This is our way of thanking and honoring him.”

“Highly effective mix of pop-punk and heaviness” - KERRANG!
“Like pop-punk? Like moshing? This is for you” - ROCK SOUND
“Shredding riffs, pissy snarls and as much razor sharp melodies and gang vocals as you can cram into a dozen tracks, The Years Ahead is fun as hell” - EXAMINER
“One of the most talked about bands in easycore” - NEW NOISE
“Super catchy pop punk melodies mixed with ball-crushing breakdowns - NOISECREEP
”Bright melodic pop punk and a pummeling bottom end, tighter than David Lee Roth’s spandex” - ALTERNATIVE PRESS

The track is available at Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music and everywhere digital music is sold.

7 - Blue Line Studios - Bournemouth
9 - Satan's Hollow - Manchester
10 - Jumpin' Jacks - Newcastle
11 - The Pit - Swansea
12 - Subside Bar - Birmingham
13 - The Cobblestones - Bridgwater
14 - The Underground - Plymouth

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