News: Aetherial Releases Lead Single From November 10th's 'The Still Waters Of Oblivion'


Imminence Records'' Melbourne based melodic death metal outfit Aetherial is pleased to unleash their new single. The track, entitled "The Fallen Will Mark The Way," is the lead single on the band's debut album The Still Waters of Oblivion. The twelve track album will be released November 10th on Truth Inc. Records (Oceania and parts of Asia) and Imminence Records (rest of the world).
""The Fallen Will Mark the Way" is about the persistence and resilience that’s required to follow your destiny. It's a song about always moving forward whilst letting go of the past. With the lyric video we wanted to stick with similar themes from the album artwork. There’s also a lot of inspiration from the trees in ‘The Evil Dead’ - which definitely works on a number of levels.” - Shep Sheppard (Vocalist)

The Still Waters Of Oblivion (November 10th)

1. The Penitent Man 
2. Obscurus 
3. The Fallen Will Mark The Way 
4. The Insignificance Of Us 
5. Back To The Earth 
6. One Of The Departed 
7. Down Amongst Dead Men 
8. Perpetual Night 
9. We Who Know The Tempest 
10. Spirit Against The Flesh 
11. Three Poisons 
12. The Unavoidable Conclusion

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