Comprised of Mark Shue (Guided by Voices, Beech Creeps), Nick Chiericozzi & Mark Perro (The Men, Dream Police), and Russell Hymowitz (Dream Police, Junk Boys), psych-rock supergroup Chomper defy both name and convention. Gnashing through garage rock tenets with reckless abandon, Chomper riffs and riles like an untamed state. Listen to “Wipe It Down,” the third single from the band’s debut album Medicine Mountain, today via Atwood Magazine
“This song is kind of a snapshot of a bad dream that exists in the middle of a chase,” Mark Shue said of the track. “It's about being on the run—running from some kind of a monster or predator, or maybe even running from a shadow of ourselves. And the running never ends."
Chomper was borne of ragtag jam sessions with a simple MO: play loud, loose, and stress-free.  That low-stakes, high-octane approach eventually yielded eight tracks recorded to 2″ tape in one day—what the world will soon know as Medicine Mountain. Informed by the brio of The Damned, the lurching melodies of Beech Creeps, and the Dead Boys’ smirking nihilism, Chomper distills rock ’n roll to a primal dogma. 
Medicine Mountain will be released via Iron Pier on November 10, which will be commemorated with a hometown release show on November 14 at Secret Project Robot. More news to come.

Medicine Mountain, Track Listing: 

3. Two Feet From A Rat
4. Medicine Mountain
5. Fuzz Monster
6. I Wanna Live
8. AKA Pool Boy
Chomper Tour Dates: 
November 14 - Brooklyn, NY - Secret Project Robot*
w/ Drunken Foreigner Band, Weeping Icon, and Think Tank

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