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News: Ex-Unexpect Bassist Debuts 9 String Frankenstein Bass Project VVON DOGMA I + Premiere Music Video

VVON DOGMA I are pioneers and trailblazers, eschewing moribund genre categorizations to create music both strange and beautiful, to misquote Shakespeare: ‘something unique this way comes’.

Inspired by artists as diverse as Radiohead, Meshuggah, Deftones, James Blake, Jean Baudin, Die Antwoord, Clint Mansell, Igorrr, Arvo Part and Hans Zimmer, VVON DOGMA I’s creative lynchpin Frederick Filiatrault aka ChaotH was driven to form the group when his previous band Unexpect parted ways. He had to find the right musicians and he had to create the right songs on the band's debut EP “Communion” in order to find inner peace. The EP features four tracks experimenting with elements of prog, djent, funk, and electronic sampling to create a sound truly all their own and will definitely get the true avant-garde tech musicians anticipating more with this small taster.

“The songs were like living entities needing to be drawn into our world. The music is so original it is hard for me to categorise and it will definitely challenge music fans, but ultimately I think it will satisfy them beyond what any generic band copying what has gone before ever could.”

Frederick hopes the fans will get something truly special from the music that is a blend of everything he is musically and is definitely more accessible than what he has done in the past.

“I wanted to feature my freak instrument of a nine-string bass. It is often a Frankenstein of bits and pieces of writing. But I also want people to know it's not about shredding or anything. I wanted to see how I could apply this weird playing style in a musically accessible venue. My art is song writing plus arranging and the 9 string is only one aspect of it. I find it definitely adds an interesting flavor. Hopefully people will see it for what it is as a whole.”

Teaming up with New Noise MagazineVVON DOGMA I premiere their video for the EP’s title track, a trip for the true lovers of outside the box thinking. Watch and listen to the bashing low ends from the pummeling and dominating 9 string bass accompanied by the ripping of an 8 string guitar along with some morbid electronic samples for good measure.

Watch "Communion" at the following link: 

VVON DOGMA I’s EP “Communion” is due out October 27th and available for pre-order on the band’s bandcamp herewith immediate download of EP title track.

Track Listing:

1. Hush (1:25)
2. Communion (4:24)
3. Lithium Blue (4:52)
4. The Mask (4:03)

EP Length: 14:45

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