News: Eyes Over Sea Signs With Imminence Records and Truth Inc. Records Band Releases Lead Single From November 17th's Dreamwave


Imminence Records, in partnership with Truth Inc. Records, is pleased to announce that they have signed Canadian progressive metalcore band Eyes Over Sea. To celebrate the announcement, the band has just unleashed its lead single off its highly-anticipated forthcoming full-length, entitled Dreamwave. "Beyond The Light" is the second track off the bands' labe debut that that will be released November 17th.
“Working with Imminence Records and Truth Inc. Records has been great so far, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. We have spent the past few years hard at work and we’re excited to share new material with you all. Being a Canadian band. We aim to tour as much as we can in other countries. With the help of Imminence and Truth Inc, we hope to reach out to more people and gain new fans.” - Eric Pacheco (Vocalist)


1. Chapter 1 (Intro) 
2. Beyond The Light 
3. Life Without Death 
4. Ruins 
5. Chapter 2 (Interlude) 
6. Oracles 
7. Dreamwave

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