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News: GOLD KEY Release New Video KEROSENE | Debut Album HELLO PHANTOM due 27th Oct | Band On Tour With Arcane Roots

Watford’s GOLD KEY unveil their solitary new video for KEROSENE. Featuring viscous layers of sound and intricately placed motifs, alongside both haunting and explosive vocals from Steve Sears, the track reflects on feelings of loneliness.
"Kerosene is about isolation and feeling as though you have nothing in common with the people that surround you. It is a seriously unhealthy mindframe to have and I think the song addresses that too. It is much easier to isolate yourself from the real world than to face it and contribute something meaningful to it. It's a dangerous spiral to start heading down. The video features my two favourite things - Space, and not having to appear in a music video.

Steve Sears, vocals"Our buddy Rusty made the first two Gold Key videos. For 'Kerosene' we wanted something a bit more unconventional. Rusty came up with the idea of this Ridley Scott inspired space theme. The lyrics bring to mind a sense of isolation and what's more isolating than orbiting your home planet on your own”- Laurent Barnard, guitars

KEROSENE features on GOLD KEY’s hugely ambitious forthcoming debut album HELLO PHANTOMdue 27th October on Venn Records. The track follows previous single Creep In Slowly which garnered across the board support from rock radio including BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, Kerrang! Radio, Planet Rock and TeamRock Radio.

In the Summer of 2016, school friends Laurent Barnard and Steve Sears decided it was time they made a record together. Having worked together on music in the past, with Steve producing albums for Laurent’s punk band, Gallows, they had a joint vision to really push the musical boundaries of their careers to date. Acquiring local drummer Jack Kenny (Nervus / Blackhole) to the freshly coined GOLD KEY, the line-up was completed in Autumn when James Leach (Sikth) joined on bass.
I’ve never wanted to be a stagnant musician”, explains singer Steve Sears, “We’re constantly trying to push ourselves out of the comfort zone, whether that’s through learning to play the mandolin or using furniture for percussion”.

2017 has seen the band put the finishing touches to their debut effort HELLO PHANTOM, which paints a truly epic landscape, capturing progressive influences from the likes of Bowie and Floyd, presented in a more agitated package. Abrasive, fuzzy bass meets soaring falsetto vocals, and angular guitars driven by primal percussion - it’s no wonder that early reviews have cited similarities spanning widely from Queens Of The Stone Age to Radiohead.


1. Creep In Slowly
2. Circle The Moon
3. Hello, Phantom
4. The Shape
5. Crab Traps
6. Sneaker
7. Hatches Down
8. Juvenoia
9. Kerosene
10. Explode5
11. Mess
12. Fall Through The Middle

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