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News: Neo-psych / hard rockers The Blood Moon Howlers release video for new single "Motor Mouth Mission"

Neo-psych rock band The Blood Moon Howlers released a video for their brand new single "Motor Mouth Mission" today, showcasing clips of the band performing live and in studio. The single leans heavily into the band's hard rock, stoner rock, and punk influences, showcasing a darker and heavier version of their sound. The video premiered earlier this week on Kill The Music. "Motor Mouth Mission" comes as a one-off original single, following the release of the band's EP titled Wasteland from earlier this year.
Jumping straight into heavy power-chords, tastefully distorted guitar, and a driving beat, "Motor Mouth Mission" demands your attention and builds into a powerful force. "It's compiled of "making of" studio footage and different gigs played in 2017. We like doing videos like this because we like to show the recording process and various locations used to make each recording," shared the band. "We feel it's the most genuine way to show who we are as musicians and people. The main shots were filmed at Ultimate Studios Inc. where we also recorded the drums to "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree". We had a great experience at that studio and want to work there much more in the future so we wanted it to be featured. We also show shots of our gig at Kulak's Woodshed from September 24, 2017 where we played "Motor Mouth Mission" for the first time. We wanted to include footage from there because we filmed/recorded a live album which we are planning to release in January of 2018."

"Motor Mouth Mission" was released today in conjunction with a B-side cover of "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree", originally by KT Tunstall. "We thought a cover of "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" would be a fun B-side to the single because we've played that song for a long time acoustically and the idea came up to make it rockin' after Matt got ahold of a Fender Bass Vi!"

Both songs were recorded between Artisan Road Studio and Ultimate Studios Inc., then mixed by Mike Bear of Artisan Road Studio and mastered by Hans DeKline. They are now available for purchase on Bandcamp, Itunes and all major digital retailers, as well as streaming on Spotify. The band recently recorded a live album, which is scheduled for release in January 2018.

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