News: Teller releases new video for 'Victoria'


Having recently seen the light of day, Leeds heavy quartet Teller has today unleashed their debut music video for single ‘Victoria’. Available to view here:, the piece is directed by Zak Pinchin, with vocalist Robin Adams revealing: “The video for Victoria follows the everyday experience of living with our negative thoughts - the demon is representative of this - whether this be a love lost, or our errors in retrospect.” Recorded with their good friend Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Architects, Periphery, Sikth) at Middle Farm Studios, the band describes it as “the perfect song to make our debut. We feel it introduces and demonstrates the band’s intense, energetic sound, coupled with strong melodic hooks.”  

The act was formerly a project of the djent persuasion, but now renamed and renewed, they took stock of “our experiences and our mistakes to hone in on a sound and message that best describes us as musicians.” Whilst ‘Victoria’ may be the first track to see the light of day, it is not all the band, comprised of Robin Adams (vocals), Jake Fogarty (drums), Cory Young (bass) and Alex Mauric (guitar), have in their arsenal. Taking influence from artists as varied as Neck Deep, Architects, and Issues, they reveal of their already growing catalogue: “every song is story about a particular aspect of life, from love to struggles with our metal state of being. Each is a story unto itself.” As they affirm their identity as Teller, the quartet is keen to demonstrate that “we are an audible force to be reckoned with. This is our passion and our chance to reevaluate and explore what we can do as musicians. We have a past, we have made mistakes. This is the story, this is Teller.”

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