Behind The Artwork: Hildr Valkyrie - Revealing The Heathen Sun (2017)


To this artwork, some things are obvious and straight forward to understand and some others have their own unique personal view.

First we see that it’s an apocalyptic twilight photo and there you have the first genuine eternal mankind’s temple, the forest. What is left right now still Sacred, still mystic, still giving life and sheltering for every being who needs it, is there, through the mountains and under the trees. Once you are in, your spirit needs to comfort and understand Sacredness and there it goes, step by step it’s been revealed. You realize the order of life and you symbolize it, but not with empty shells, but with Sacred geometry, it’s the same revealing process.

You can see the Life Rune and please it is a Life Rune, it is not what an atheist, a non-believer or anyone else would like to give a certain meaning. Runes are given from the All-Father and the All-Father knows what is happening and what comes next.

In the center of the cover it is the image of our Life Bearer in all aspects, materialistic and spiritualistic, it is not the spiritual Sun that we invoke to reveal, it’s not that simple, mankind have not understood even the material Sun yet as a Friend and Life Provider. So we, the Heathens, chose to step forward and reveal in front of the eyes and thus the consciousness, in the continuing in all forms, all the shapes of the eye of our All-Father. 

Beyond anything else, Munin appears and represents the bridge for the collective memory of the Folk, from the deeds of men to the All-Father.

The rest would be much more personal and whoever has any kind of interest, it is needed to walk his/her personal path. I believe, all wanderers will gather on the same top of the mountain, regardless their own mountainside which they chose to enter.

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