News: Brazil Extreme Fight Metal ENDRAH New Video "Your Life Deleted"


Since their inception in 2004, American-Brazilian extreme fight metal act ENDRAH have managed to advance the boundaries of hardcore and death metal into a highly technical, brutal and overwhelming combination. Over the years, they have unleashed five releases, "Demonstration" (2004), "Endrah" (2016) (Coretex Records (EU), Dynamo Records (BR)), "The Culling" (2012) plus single "Cadáver na Barragem' (2012) and "Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up" EP (2016). 

Currently working on their next album, ENDRAH have posted a music video for their new single "Your Life Deleted", which features the debut of their new drummer Henrique Pucci, a former member of Paura and Project46. The track was produced by Tiago Hospede with cover art by Hugo Silva (Abacrombie Ink). 
Watch "Your Life Deleted" at the following link: 

"Your Life Deleted" is also available for listening on Spotify:

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