News: Denver Death Trio PILE OF PRIESTS Premiere EP Title Track "Tenebrous Labyrinth" via ToiletOvHell


Inspired by Death, Edge of Sanity, Old Man’s Child, Cannibal Corpse and the mighty Voivod, Denver, CO progressive death metal trio PILE OF PRIESTS aim to produce a sound inspired by 90s death and thrash metal bands. Unleashing their new EP entitled "Tenebrous Labyrinth" on November 24th to follow their 2015 debut album "Void To Enlightenment" and stand-alone single entitled "Redemptionem Per Cruciatu" released earlier this year. The new EP will feature three originals and three cover tracks, Coroner, Sadus and Kreator along with lyrics that offer a firestorm of fury against the injustices of the world, the fallacies of religion plus the human struggles and current events in today's world.

Evan Salvador (Guitar and Vocals) comments:

“We are very proud of our upcoming EP ‘Tenebrous Labyrinth’. Our sound has evolved on every release and we have agreed that this EP to come is the pinnacle of our sound thus far. It’s fast, evil, melodic and incorporates other styles of metal besides death metal."

Teaming up with, the trio are premiering the EP's title track, which can be heard at the following link: 

Salvador adds.

"Tenebrous Labyrinth is the title track off our upcoming EP; it's about the dark places of the mind that depression and paranoia can induce, a "labyrinth" of thoughts if you will." 

EP Pre-Order available at  

Show Dates:
Nov 24 - Lost Lake - Denver, CO - EP Release Launch - info

Track Listing:

1. Tenebrous Labyrinth (4:24)
2. Kafir (4:21)
3. Interglacial Departure (5:44)
4. Divine Step (Coroner cover) (6:36)
5. Through The Eyes Of Greed (Sadus cover) (4:11)
6. Hate Inside Your Head (Kreator cover) (3:33)

EP Length: 28:51

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