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» » News: Dethrone The Sovereign Drops New Playthrough

Dethrone the Sovereign is right back at it again, to show fans how it’s done: after releasing their first full length, Harbingers of Pestilence, the Metal outfit has taken some time to record a brand new playthrough that showcases their guitarist’s ability. While still rooted in Deathcore, the track clearly showcases a Progressive Metal vibe, and it definitely has the technicality you’d expect, without sounding redundant or lacking the headbanging effect you expect from a Metalcore song.

If you’re a fan of melodic, heavy, technical Metal and don’t mind putting yourself to the test, take a peek at the playthrough for Perennial Eclipse, premiering now via Gear Gods.

The band also shared their thoughts on the track, and video: "Here’s our guitar play through for Perennial Eclipse, the closing track of our new album “Harbingers of Pestilence”, AVAILABLE NOW!

Played and recorded with Ibanez RG7s, we kept our Drop C tuning (used on our previous EP, Autocracy Dismantled) while adding a low G for the top string, allowing us to create heavier sounding rhythms than we used to".

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