News: Eyes Over Sea Premieres Debut Album In Full, 'Dreamwave' Out Today on Imminence Records/Truth Inc Records


Imminence Records, in partnership with Truth Inc. Records, is proud to see the debut album from Canadian progressive metalcore band Eyes Over Sea released today. The seven track full-length, entitled Dreamwave features hit singles "Dreamwave" and "Beyond The Light" and has caught the attention of fans and critics alike.
"'Dreamwave' begins illustrating an expressive conversation. Removed from time, 'Dreamwave' exists as a space in which our protagonist examines himself and the world. Discovering that their own story is one that reflects on the progress of humanity as a whole. Offering some answers along the way this album asks you to imagine how you might move forward when reality itself asks you to evolve.” - John Tesla (Bassist)
1. Chapter 1 (Intro) 
2. Beyond The Light 
3. Life Without Death 
4. Ruins 
5. Chapter 2 (Interlude) 
6. Oracles 
7. Dreamwave

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