News: LEVIATHAN: West Coast Black Metal Project To Release The First Sublevel Of Suicide Next Month


Ascension Monuments Media is proud to announce the first of several new releases from acclaimed black metal output LEVIATHAN, dubbed The First Sublevel Of Suicide and due out Dec. 1.

Featuring roughly 40 minutes of ferocious, abrasive and manically depressing negativity, The First Sublevel Of Suicide was entirely recorded by multi-instrumentalist Wrest on a four-track analog recorder between 2002 and 2003 to serve as demos for Leviathan's 2003 full-length debut, The Tenth Sublevel Of Suicide. This is the first time that the full demo has been made available straight from Wrest's vaults. The First Sublevel of Suicide is mastered by Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams / ex-Lord Mantis).
"V tracks mixed directly from the withered cassette tapes from a failing analog IV trakk cassette recording device... the initial conjurings of where the entity,The Xth Sub-Level of Suicide's spirit lies..." - Wrest

As Brave Words, Bloody Knuckles originally described in 2003, the tracks are "some of the most intimidating, disturbing, and mesmerizing black metal the scene has spawned over the last few years." Metal Injection calls the 2003 album to be "essential black metal listening" and says the album is an "exercise in excruciating pain." The lo-fi demos only add a darker and more sinister atmosphere.

Pre-orders are now available worldwide via Ascension Monuments Media AT THIS LOCATION

Release dates:  CD / Digital - December 1st, 2017 |  LP - February, 2018

European licensing partner to be announced in the next 2-3 weeks on the AMM Facebook page  -

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