News: NORDHEIM Premiere "I Wish You Were Beer" via New Noise Mag; Album "RapThor" About Bacon & Dinosaurs

So many bands make listeners choke from their sheer delusional pretentions of grandeur. Not Quebec City's NORDHEIM, their philosophy is simply to make fun folk metal, as can be evidenced in their latest offering "RapThor" due out November 24th, 2017. Influenced by bands such as Finntroll, Ensiferum, Kalmah and Wintersun, NORDHEIM's third studio recording featuring eight tracks with titles such as "Troll Riding A Raptor", "Boobs And Bacon" and "Dragonthorn" is dedicated to the epic flavour of bacon, the colossus power of dinosaurs and more.
"We want to give the fans one of the heaviest and nastiest folk metal albums to date with ‘RapThor’. It is different from our first two. We had great feedback when we played the songs live. This album is the heaviest of them all while cutting back on the European folklore influences. It’s the result of our hard work over the last few years. It is super-heavy party music!" says Warraxe.
Teaming up with New Noise Magazine, the band is premiering their first single "I Wish You Were Beer".

Warraxe adds.

“You know the feeling you get when you are impaling a busty T-Rex with your giant throbbing errecsword while lightning strikes you and transforms your hand into a fucking laser-cobra? Well this song isn’t close to that but it’s still pretty good.”

Listen to the track at the following link: 

NORDHEIM launched an Indigogo campaign offering various perks and bundles to meet their goal of $3,500 for "RapThor", which can be found at the following link: 

The band has also posted a video message for the campaign at

Track Listing:

1. Troll Riding A Raptor (4:32)
2. Boobs And Bacon (3:30)
3. Scroll Of Lightning Bolt (4:55)
4. Black Witch Rises (5:27)
5. I Wish You Were Beer (2:05)
6. Strength Became The Storm (5:24)
7. Blood's Shade (5:22)
8. Dragonthorn (9:34)

Album Length: 40:47
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