News: Promise of Redemption (Shane Henderson of Valencia) Announces Show Commemorating 10 Year Anniversary of "When The Flowers Bloom..." w/ Special Guest Vinnie Caruana


Promise of Redemption will be playing a holiday show to commemorate the 10th anniversary of “When The Flowers Bloom...” (2007 I Surrender Records). The show will be held at Bourbon & Branch (705 N 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123). POR will be joined by Vinnie Caruana (The Movielife, I Am The Avalanche). Further support will be announced soon.
Tickets are available at 
After experiencing a multitude of personal tragedy in the mid 2000’s, Valencia frontman Shane Henderson revived his solo project, Promise of Redemption, to give life to those emotions. “When The Flowers Bloom...” tells the story of those trying times.
Henderson says, “When the flowers bloom...was an album of songs that were written in the wake of tragedy. These were songs not initially meant for public release and were a gateway to a type of therapy I still thank my lucky stars for: music. In the advice of friends and family, and my outlook that music heals in the toughest of times, I decided to put this record out to the world in hopes that my experience and my ability to put that experience to music could help others dealing with loss in any capacity, even if it were just one lyric - It would mean that my efforts contributed a positive life force into the world during the darkest of personal days."
He adds, "Though I am still sometimes a bit shy about this album for many reasons, one being it's extremely deep personal meaning. I am thoroughly proud of how much it helped me and how much I have seen it help others and the message that transpired from it. This day and age we need to look out for one another, we need to spread love into the world in the places that need it most. Most of all - we need to take all of these negatives and find ways to turn them positive.”
Tickets are available now via Bourbon & Branch.

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