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Reviews: Boneflower - Empty Rooms, Full Bodies (2017)


"Empty Rooms, Full Bodies" is the second release from the band Boneflower, a three-piece melodic hardcore band formed in Spain. We highly recommand you to check them out on Bandcamp, and to make yourself an opinion on this. 



To be honest, I was kinda scared by the first impression those screams left on me. I felt like it lacked some technique, but listening to the whole record made me change my mind. I was also scared to hear a Being As An Ocean complete rip-off, but I was missing the point there too. Their first song isn't, I think, a great choice to begin the album with. 

On "City Lights", he shows off his skills for high/fry screams, and that's something I def' wanted to hear more.

"Sol" is my favorite song off this album. The intensity is awesome there, and the different mouvements of the song leaves an undeniably strong feeling. 


Thank you for "Sunsets in the backyard". This intro got some awesome Dance Gavin Dance vibes. "Elocin" got it too, in the Jonny Craig style in the voice. "Purple dreams" is quite awesome, and I think this is the best work of their drummer. Instrumentals are at their best when they have this prog' vibe. That gave to this album a great power.

Vocals : 7,5/10
Instrumental : 7/10
Lyrics : 8/10
General : 7,5/10          
"General isn't an arithmetic notation"

+ Gives something different to the genre
+ Diversity
+ Progressive stuff
+ "Sol"

- Inegal
- Some cleans are awesome, some aren't as good...

For fans of: Dance Gavin Dance, Being As An Ocean, Hotel Rooms

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