Behind The Artwork: VANE - The Prologue (2017)


Robert: When I decided with  Mateusz (Gajdzik) on how to approach the concept of pirates, we had one thing we were sure about. It had to be serious. High Seas Piracy was a serious matter and we decided to adress it as such. With that goal in mind, we began our search for an artist whos style would compliment our vision. But everything we stumbled upon was too modern. And then, during a random conversation I remembered, that the paintings of master painters from years ago, are all creative commons, since there was no such thing as copyright law back then. So we took a painting by my all time favorite - William Joseph Mallard Turner (his name is Will Turner, get it? :) ) and given it to a friend of mine - Jan Jasiński, who is a very skilled illustrator working in Game Dev for years. With his broad experience, he proceeded to “pirate it up” and thus turned Turners “Fishermen at sea” into “Pirates at sea”, completing an artwork that is damn serious, gorgeously composed, and compliments our vision for the band - after all - what suits a historically rooted album better, then period correct artwork with an added pirate twist? Hope You enjoy it as much as we do.

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