News: DEATHGOD MESSIAH Announces Anthology Collection Abomination Chants From Beyond The Grave

DEATHGOD MESSIAH is proud to announce the impending release of Abomination Chants From Beyond The Grave, a seriously disgusting anthology of the band's entire discography, which will be made available Dec. 26 via Ascension Monuments Media. 

One of the best kept secrets among the US black metal scene, DEATHGOD MESSIAH is a heretic bestial blackened death metal onslaught founded in Allston, Massachusetts. The band, now unfortunately defunct, featured members of cult acts such as PanzerBastard and Witch Tomb. While the band only saw activity from 2009-2013, had a handful of live dates, and produced just a five-song demo (2009's Bastard Christ) and a seven-song MLP (2013's Phallic Flagellation), DEATHGOD MESSIAH was a powerful force that dared to be fucked with.  

"I was pretty stoked when AMM approached me about releasing a compilation CD, because none of our music has ever been released on CD format before," says Kinslayer. "The Bastard Christ demo was never really officially released aside from YouTube uploads and a few CD-R burns for friends here and there, and the Phallic Flagellation EP was only self-released by the band in very limited quantity, and then again on NoVisible Scars Records, but those were both on cassette so to have both releases coming out together on one CD is pretty awesome."

This anthology collection is comprised of the band's complete discography, which was previously only available on separate limited edition cassette pressings, and showcases the brutal body of work that this short-lived cult left behind. Sighting influences from BeheritSarcofagoBlasphemy and ArchgoatDEATHGOD MESSIAH's profane interpretation of black metal is a welcomed and much needed output in the age of wimpy, ultra PC, safe "black metal" created by fashion icon hipsters and false rockstars. This anthology is a fist in the face of such worthless garbage. Hail death!


Kinslayer (ex-PanzerBastard) - Guitars, Vocals
Death Fiend - Bass, Vocals
Ninkaszi (ex-Witch Tomb) - Drums


Track listing:
1. Phallic Flagellation
2. Like Father, Like Son
3. God is Dead, Death is God
4. The Word of the Law
5. Gilded Casket
6. Blasphemous Suicide
7. Outro (Noise)
8. 7th Command
9. Bastard Christ
10. Sexual Violence
11. Cursing the Heavens
12. D.G.M.

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