News: NORDHEIM Announce New Year's Day Concert; Out Now! "RapThor" An Album About Bacon And Dinosaurs

As 2017 comes to an end and 2018 just around the corner, dungeon and dragons enthusiasts NORDHEIM announce "The New Year of Warriors" New Year's Day show with Trollwar in Quebec City at L'Anti Bar. The January 1st concert will see the band perform their new album "RapThor" live for the first time. With a simple philosophy of making fun folk metal and good times, the band comments on the upcoming event.

“When we play live it’s a frickin’ party! We move a lot, scream, hump the air, we drink from the fans’ beer bottles and in turn, we feed them beer, with the help of our friends and roadies coming up on stage and pouring beer in their faces. Usually between songs we’ll be making jokes about anything we can think of, as long as it’s dumb and incoherent! We have a strong sense of ‘bro-ness’ with our fans!”

Full details for the event can be found here.

Influenced by bands such as Finntroll, Ensiferum, Kalmah and Wintersun, NORDHEIM's latest offering and third studio album "RapThor" was unleashed on November 24th. The album features songs dedicated to the epic flavour of bacon, the colossus power of dinosaurs and more with such titles as "Troll Riding A Raptor""Boobs And Bacon" and "Dragonthorn"

Vocalist / guitarist Warraxe adds about the release:

"Cutting back on the European folklore influences on this one, RapThor is the heaviest and nastiest folk metal albums we have given the fans to date. People who have heard our first two albums will hear the difference. It is super-heavy party music that's a result of our hard work over the last few years."

NORDHEIM's single "I Wish You Were Beer" can be found streaming at the following link: 

"RapThor" is now available in digital on iTunes, and on CD at Big CartelCD Baby.

Track Listing:

1. Troll Riding A Raptor (4:32)
2. Boobs And Bacon (3:30)
3. Scroll Of Lightning Bolt (4:55)
4. Black Witch Rises (5:27)
5. I Wish You Were Beer (2:05)
6. Strength Became The Storm (5:24)
7. Blood's Shade (5:22)
8. Dragonthorn (9:34)

Album Length: 40:47

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