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News: NYC's Late Sea release The Writer's Trilogy EP & haunting video for "Sound of Silence"

Late Sea are not afraid to create music that challenges listeners to question and reimagine everything they know. Jerusalem-born singer and composer Izzy Gliksberg and his band craft lush, dynamic soundscapes that fall somewhere between experimental electronic rock and indie-pop. The band's new EP The Writers Trilogy explores this unique musical confluence. Gliksberg's cryptic lyricism, delivered in his trademark sing-speak style, fearlessly traverses the dark terrain that he and his bandmates create.
As the title suggests, The Writer's Trilogy is a collection of three original songs, that pay homage to literary giants Frankz KafkaPaul Celan, and Baruch Spinoza. Gliksberg shares, "The making of the EP was literally reaching back to the writers that shaped my concept of what it means to be an artist and to have some sort of inner dialog with them. Every creative person is the sum of his influences: we immerse ourselves in the works of others, consciously or unconsciously, and then we process it into something that's our own. Sometimes we have so many ideas buzzing in our heads and all of them demand our attention and time. In a way,  when working on the EP I had the chance to give voice to many ideas at once - lyrically, musically and visually. In that sense it was a very satisfying process."
Each stunning track is accompanied by an equally impressive video, providing a visual component that helps to reinforce each songs narrative and sonic impact. Part one "Ring the Bells" and part two "The Great White", previously released, are chock-full of thought-provoking themes and imagery. The third video, for "Hunter" will be released in January 2018, continuing and fulfilling the mysterious and mythical themes found throughout the series. Passionate about combining music and visuals, Late Sea creates a new level of powerful and transformative art.
A fourth track provides a reimagined cover of Simon & Garfunkel's 1964 hit "Sound of Silence," for which a music video was released yesterday. Punctuated by Sam Nester's ambient trumpet lines, the somber rendition of the track is paired with sobering images of nuclear war and political propaganda. The cinematic tone of the music combined with the stark imagery conveys a sense of impending doom. Over fifty years after the original release, Late Sea manages to breath new life into both the music and interpretation of the message. The video features animation by international award-winning animator Yulia Ruditskaya.
To celebrate the release of The Writer's Trilogy, Late Sea performed earlier this week at Brooklyn's Rough Trade alongside local favorites Seasonal BeastDeath By PianoLooms, and the lively, out-of-staters Seepeople's. The EP is available now to stream and purchase on iTunesSpotify and all major digital retailers.

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