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News: Post hardcore band FAREWELL IN VEGAS releases EP 'Serenades'

Farewell in Vegasis a French post-hardcore band which consists of Jia Dabright (vocals), Théo Brasseur (bass - guitar), François Blanckaert (guitar) and Arnaud Lefebvre (drums). 

"ミカサ(Mikasa)", the band’s debut single, was released in February 2016. After a year of waiting, it is finally in February 2017 that the band will resume the teasing of its debut EP "セ レナーデ(Serenades)". 

The fans of the band have therefore had the opportunity to discover, over the months, the complete tracklist of the EP: 

- "ミカサ(Mikasa)" 
- "エルビラ(Elvira)"
- "ゼルダ(Zelda)" 
- "サクラ(Sakura)" 
- "ブルマ(Bulma)" 

The band is already very successful on social networks and especially on YouTube, with an average of 35,000 views per video. 

The band's new EP, titled "セレナーデ(Serenades)", is available sinceOctober 20th 2017 on all digital platforms! 

Spotify – DeezerBandcamp – Itunes

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