Reviews: Thoughtpilot - Through The Lens (2017)


Through The Lens is the first full-length album released by the Denver band "Thoughtpilot".  We are in front of a cd that consists of ten tracks (one intro, one outro and eight songs) of Progressive Metal music with touches of deathcore in its heavy moments and a tincture of metalcore in its elaborated background leads. This album is literally a mix of breakdowns and leads, changing from one to the other agressively, with elaborate bridges and superimposing them.

It is full of complicated rhythms that go from zero to one hundred at a time, with complicated riffs adorned with solos and elaborate tapings, making this cd instrumentally great If you are a fan of this type of music is an album that you have to listen to, because these 5 guys do not do anything wrong, you can tell it by listening to this album.

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