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Track By Tracks: VANE - The Prologue (2017)

1. Born Again:
Robert and Mateusz: With the opening track, we wanted to somehow recreate a feeling as if a protagonist was embarking on a grand adventure. All the while, however, the depressing background from which he so desperately tries to escape is present. And so, the song rises from an ominous and dark beginning, up to a very catchy chorus, that encapsulates this powerful and overwhelming sense of an epic journey and his almost boyish, naive hope that he can shed his past in one simple gesture. Since we don’t want it to be too obvious, who the protagonist is, we’ve decided to just drop subtle hints for the listeners to research on their own. Needless to say, “Revenge is waiting” is not a remark about his vindictive side - Revenge is something else entirely ;) This is also my favorite track from the EP, it’s death metal alright, but it doesn’t shy away from the rock’n’roll dirt, and I love the vocals in the chorus.
2. Edge of Cutlass:
Robert and Mateusz: Here we meet our protagonist a few steps further down the road, we see him portrayed by the eyes of his crewmen, as he attempts his first real battle, with a far more powerful ship. The song is as fast paced and as brutal, as the cannonade of the guns on both ships, and is a perfect soundtrack for a harsh critique of the Pirate that we write about. In the middle of the song, there is a bit of a break - this is the “action movie” sequence - this is where the slo-mo kicks in, and we see the bullets and cannonballs - the shards of death - as they slowly fly through the air between the ships, taking their toll mostly on our crew. The song ends with the captain, our protagonist, being near-dead, and his crew resenting him quite a bit. And however the crew might feel, I hope our listeners will fill in the exact opposite way, since this is our drummers favorite song. When he heard the concept for the first time, he said - “Finally - something with proper double bass’
3. Your Pain I am:
Robert and Mateusz: The action resumes, and takes us back to our protagonists head. He suffers greately, he is covered in blood, heavily wounded for the first time in his life. The suffering makes him slip into paranoidal state, where his pain becomes a living thing, a demonic entity, bent on torturing him. While he lays in his own bed, in Captains cabin, his mind is pacing through his personal version of hell. The torment will not leave him unscarred. This is the first song, that we knew would end up on the album, and it really feels like there was a river of pain thundering through your body, when you listen to the main, Amon Amarth-esque riff. And the solo, by mr. Gajdzik is not too shabby either.

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