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Behind The Artwork: Novareign - Legends (2018)

The cover I got the idea from Balmore and Danny. They wanted something with a hall where you see giant statues of warriors . I kinda tweaked it a little from being a straight out hall to just open floating statues. Not lined up, not in any order just statues floating. Since the original cover was just the logo and album titled and just a space back ground I wanted to keep the space theme for an homage. It took weeks to do and spent all-nighters for weeks getting it done. I didn't have a plan going into it. It's more of a winger. I just make it up as I go. And little by little I was thinking, "Hey, why not put buildings on top of them?" Make them look larger than life metaphorically and literally. Each building representing the culture of each legend. For example the samurai/ronin having Japanese castles. I added floating islands last minute so it can give you more of an illusion that we're in space.

So the booklet needed some art so I decided to put some warrior/legends in there. I went with galaxy  silhouettes to keep the theme of space with armor that represent each legend.

The first piece I did was the "Black as the Dead of Night" piece. It has two spirits which again are in silhouette form. One getting dragged into death and one rising. It's how on Disney's Hercules. Hercules dives into the abyss to save Meg were he has to replace her order to save her and while doing so he takes her place in death, basically that was the inspiration.

Everything you see was made in marker, pencil was used for outlining of course. The thing about markers is it's not paint. Paint you can fix a mistake by more paint. Markers, you make a mistake that's it. I'm always confident in my ability as an artist to create something without the fear of messing up.

All the drawings are 19×24. Except the album cover is 19x19. The only way I could've gotten so much detail is to make it big and then compress it into the size of a little booklet. The markers are definitely not thin or fine so this was the only option.

Legends is the first professional piece I've done. I've always been more of a hobby artist with the occasional commission here and there. So this being my first album and first professional art piece all I can say is Legends is a big stepping stone for me and I'll always cherish it and I hope I can remain the primary artist for the future of  Novareign.

Bonus: The ronin shirt design was made to appeal to everyone. Even non metal fans. Metal shirts are mostly graphic with demons skulls. Anything representing death basically. The ronin can appeal to anyone that likes samurais or just think it's a cool shirt to wear. I don't mind people wearing the white ronin and not having heard a single Novareign song.

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