Behind The Artwork: WORD OF LIFE - Jahbulon (2018)


Regarding the artwork, we wanted something really bold and eye-catching, that fits the symbolic nature of our music. For that we fully entrusted Giannis Nakos ( Remedy Art Design ) who asked us to listen to the album so that he could visualize the whole concept. And so he did ! When we saw the prototype design we felt that it was exactly what we had in mind, so we kept it as it was, no changes whatsoever. 

The main idea behind the cover artwork and thus behind the whole album, is the deification of the human being. In the center you can clearly see  an energy/entity/form, you name it, coming down to Earth. The human figure above this descending force could be seen either as the creator of this power, sending it towards the Earth, or as the human being that has used this divine energy to ascend and become a God himself.  This works either way as a dual meaning.

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