Track By Tracks: Phendrana - Sanctum Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (2018)


1. Sanctum:

Sanctum is the opening track of the album. The lyrics work as an introduction to the whole concept of the album, describing the Sanctum. This song has a Progressive Black/Death Metal sound in it, and it features irregular time signatures, a mixture of melodic and technical guitar riffs, a small atmospheric passage, and a bass solo.

2. The Threshold:

The second track in the album, The Threshold, is an instrumental interlude. Conceptually, this would be the elevation to the Sanctum, and an introduction to all of what’s coming next. It consists of layers of synths, with a rhythm and a lead guitar, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere.

3. Ethereum:

Ethereum tells the story of a once glorious, ethereal place that, with the passage of time, ended up abandoned in a frozen place. This song features dual vocals between Anuar and the Italian singer Vera. It has an atmospheric and acoustic passage in it, dual guitar lines in some parts, and also piano and harp lines. It has a Post-Black Metal sound in it.

4. The Dream:

The Dream is the second instrumental interlude. Conceptually, it is meant to be a sort of hallucination. It consists of only female chants and a piano line, which is reminiscence from “Ethereum”.

5. Where Ages Meet:

The fifth track, Where Ages Meet, is an ode to the night. This song also features both Anuar and Vera as vocalists, though Vera’s lines are meant to be the main vocals, while Anuar’s lines are meant to create atmosphere. It has many acoustic and atmospheric passages in it, and it is the only song to have a guitar solo.

6. The Bog:

The Bog is the third and last instrumental interlude. Conceptually, it is meant to be the place where the Gjenganger (next song) is doomed to be for the eternity. It is written in 7/4 and has a lot of progressive rock influences in it. It has dual guitar lines, a catchy bass line, and a string arrangement as well.

7. Gjenganger:

Gjenganger, the closing song, tells the story about an inclement soul condemned to suffer for the eternity. It is the most aggressive song in the album, and features a more classic black metal sound. It has an atmospheric passage, blast beats almost at the end, and it features AraCoelium as a session vocalist for the choirs.

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