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Track By Tracks: SEX DUMPSTER - LORD ALCOHOL (2018)

1. Bible Up Your Ass:

I wanted the opening track to be aggressive, abrasive, and fast. It was really the first song I started working on for the album. I felt that I needed to get some aggression out towards Christianity, as I haven't really popped that cherry yet within the lyrics. 

2. Cunt World:

Cunt World initially begin as an acoustic riff that turned into the back ground of the majority of the song. I like to build a wall of sound out of one dissonant repetitive riff. The middle of the song I decided to make a really epic piece with no vocals and a lead guitar that sounded distant and enchanting. I've always loved the sound of the leads of bands like inquisition. I used some droning vocals and the lyrics are very depressing and hateful. I have many moments where I love this interesting life, and many where I just can't stand it. I wanted to embrace the latter through music and lyric. 

3. Shit On My Grave:

Shit On My Grave is all about graveyard sex and debauchery. The riffs are somewhat icy and frozen, and I have always been obsessed with Scandinavian black metal and that sort of musical mode. Throughout the song is a lot of minor tremolo picking peppered with some heavier more emphatic moments. I wanted to describe the scene of a violation among the dead. Maybe some sordid fuck digging up a corpse and having his or her way with it. Also, I have a lack of concern for what happens to me after death. Abuse my body, flush the ashes down the toilet, who the fuck cares. Nothing is holy.

4. Ivar The Boneless: 

I wrote this song over my interest in the Vikings, and maybe a last farewell to the previous band I had been doing, and what this turned into. I used to write more poppy and upbeat music. This definitely is more epic. The main chorus is chunky and charges forward. I felt that was maybe how the supposed character Ivar lived his life. The breakdown in the middle is something I wanted to have that "Viking" feel to it. Like longships emerging from the fog in a northern Irish bay. I enjoy the mythos of Ivar the Boneless and the mystery surrounding him. It's a great basis for song and lyric. 

5. Lord Alcohol:

This title track was my personal favourite, lyrically and musically. I wanted to dedicate a song to the loving cunt lord of my life, Alcohol. I tried to make this sort of like church worship music, at least the opening. I was hoping to have the vocals follow as sort of a choir. A sick fucked up choir with overweight chain smoking alcoholics. I have always loved Carpathian Forest and was determined to have the break turn into a rocking black n roll riff with some vicious vocals proclaiming the untruths of our great Lord Alcohol. 

6. I Kill Everything I Fuck (GG Allin cover):

I just love GG. I loved what he did and that he actually was a rock and roll facist that really did what he set out to do. I think that he embraced the true dirty spirit of the rock n roll underground. I think every album I do will have a GG song on it. 

7. This Lonely Rope:

I watched this young girl kill herself and it inspired me. It was a really fascinating video. She takes about 15 minutes to do it, and it's pretty terrible and depressing to watch. But I admired her iron will to take her life. In the end the sun sets to her swinging corpse. You can hear the wind in the trees, dogs barking, and someone calling out to find her. It's fucking morbid. I wanted to write a spiralling depressive song. Dark and horrible. 

8. Fist Fucking Motherfucker:

This is a pretty aggressive, fast, and thrashy song. I've always wanted to be fucked to death, or fuck someone to death. What better way to go than to be choked while fucking, and something up your ass? I found a pretty good piece of a girl being choked, fucked and blindfolded on porno hub, so I masturbated to that and wrote a sort of pleasant and dreamy riff to put her screaming and moans in the background. 

9. Klonopin Dreams, Suicidal Requiems: 

This is the only instrumental. I work in the service industry as a bartender and spent a whole summer working my ass off fucked up on all sorts of uppers, and downers. I was in and out of delerium and delusions. I just wrote some dark floating riffs to match those feelings. 

10. Under The Night:

I am always inspired by winter, and some of the music it helps me to write. This was one of those dark winter days that helped me play guitar to the emotions winter produces. I always think about the idea of committing suicide by walking into frozen woods. Alone, empty, and meaningless. I mean, not now. But as I reach a certain age and maybe everything has been done that needs to be done, that will be a great way to go. Animals do it. Just wander off into death. Again, I incorporate some Scandinavian black metal elements here.

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