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Track By Tracks: WORD OF LIFE - Jahbulon (2018)

1. A Sprig Of Acacia:

We wanted a rythmically intense song to start the album, so this was our first choice. It is also a representative piece of our music in general, so we thought it would be good to start with that. This song has a progressive metal backbone, along with some patterns influenced by Greek traditional music.

The plant of acacia which is mentioned in this song, symbolizes the immortality of the human spirit and the act of initiation into the truth. So this song  is about overcoming the constant tribulations of life, in order to raise your spirituality. 

2. Jahbulon:

Jahbulon is about a symbolic triune deity that is mentioned in some esoteric and occult teachings. When you understand the allegory behind this union  of the three entities, you gain supreme knowledge of the Self and the Divine powers within you. Definitely a darker track, with many Greek/Eastern elements.

3. Master of the Royal Secret:

This one is the first song that has been revealed before the album release, as it was published in the form of a lyric video. Influenced by the Eastern  mysticism, this song is about reaching 'Heaven'-like state of consiousness through esoteric workings. Really powerful chorus in this one, influenced by  Greek polyphonic music. The drum outro was actually made by mistake at first ! The mute button of a group track was pressed accidentaly during the fade  out section of the song and guitars in the mix ! It sounded so cool that we had to keep it like this.

4. Deus Meumque Jus:

An instrumental track with a clearly Middle Eastern/Mediterranean atmosphere along with traditional percussion. It works as an intro for the next song and it really infiltrates you with that mystical vibe. Here we used a low tuned classical guitar with REALLY old strings on it in order to make it sound like an oud.


ΙΕΡΟΔΟΜ is probably the most 'metal' song of the album. Heavy riffing, blastbeats...and no vocals ! We thought, why every instrumental track in metal albums has to be something atmospheric, acoustic, or even orchestral ? We just liked this one without vocals. Who knows, maybe someone covers this one and make it even better hahaha !

6. The Female Seed And The Fungus:

This is a song that was written back in 2014 and was originally planned to be part of 'The Great Work' EP. It didn't make it back then, but now it's time for it to manifest in this world after all ! Only clean vocals on this track and we really dig the chorus.

7. In silence I swore:

One of the darkest songs of the album. Maybe it's because of the black metal vocal work, the lyrics, the scales used in this one? I don't know, maybe because
of all these things together. This track draws inspiration from the Eleusinian Mysteries and other initiation systems that are influenced by the ancient mystery  schools. In this song the initiate learns the importance of his oath to be silent and his obligations to his brothers.


A ritualistic, ambient track featuring tibetan chants and throat singing. This is a track to keep on repeat and meditate on it.

9. The Word Of Life:

An older song again, written in 2015. This song was like a passage from our first EP to Jahbulon. It contains both worlds in it. Nice ethnic rythmic patterns in this one and I really like the way it changes after the middle part.

10. Jachin & Boaz:

Jachin & Boaz contains one of my favourite tunes in this album and it brings elements from the Byzantine/Eastern music not only in terms of sound but also in  terms of technicality in composition and vocal placement too. It is a tradition of ours to finish an album with hints from our future sound, so expect more  ethnic and traditional elements in the future hahaha !

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