Track By Tracks: Bridge Of Diod - OF SINNERS AND MADMEN (2018)


1. Story of a Madman:
This song is the opener. In this song I'm a madman confined in an asylum cell, exhausted and too weak to protest. My jailers are the rules dictated by a stereotyped society, from which I often feel exiled, but to whom I am forced to obey. The idea is to compare my forced captivity with voluntary mental imprisonment; The refrain "I am a Liar, I am a Madman - You are a Liar, you are a Madman" is an enigma .. Is it more unjust the one who imposes his own rules or the other one who suffers them passively?

2. Drops of rain:

This is one of the first texts written for this album. Unfortunately we are more and more often stormed by a lot of devastating news that happen in the world and this is reflected in my words too. I believe that all the evil we are doing to this planet and to our freedom of mind will turn against us. Drops of Rain is a cry for help, for a hope of salvation, because humanity is always closer to the abyss. By now, it's just a matter of time.
3. Back from Limbo:
This is an autobiographical text. just me, myself and I, closed between four silent friendly walls, sipping a good whiskey and mulling over what happened and what instead will never come true.
4. The Hammer:
This is more topical than ever. It refers to the media pressure of our politics; every day talk shows, newscasts, but also radio, magazines etc. are bombing us with thousands of news, often contrasting between them. All this creates an absolute confusion; I wrote this lyric to remind me that my thoughts always come before the certainties of other people. In this song I become the man of salvation, I promise everything and in return I want only the benevolence of the people, their trust. I must admit that it is always fun to sing, it's thought in a joking way but everything is concentrated in the refrain "Bang The Hammer BUT MY HEAD IS HARDER THAN THE STEEL"
5. Clown of the Seasons:
This is another autobiographical text. The whole song proposes the dialogue between two distinct personalities in the same man, one definitely hell-raiser and the other one more childish and both want to prevail. It starts with the description of a dream that I used to have when i was a teenager: a faceless figure in the middle of a room that represents an existential confusion (with which, all in all, I have to live even now) and the fear of knowing me better in my inner self.
6. Bullies from Hollywood:
Bullies from Hollywood wants to be a very carefree song. A great hard/heavy record, in my opinion, must have a song like this, whit easy and irriverent lyrics. It speaks of the "war" between metalheads and clubbers, between who dress and pose in Rock 'n Roll style to follow the trand and who instead has genuine rock blood. Many artists and poets in the 19th century were inspired by "la fče verte".

7. Green Fairy:

We wrote "Green Fairy" in a very alcoholic evening all together. It's tribute to absinthe, the hard liquor of the artists. "I've lost the way in your eyes, I'm fallen in your embrace" is the emblem of this song.
8. Bad Toy:
This song is about hangovers. I wanted to describe that feeling of perdition of "the day after", when you find yourself with confused memories and everything moves in slow motion. Bad toy is the dark side of the coin, the inevitable consequence of a state of euphoria but also a carefree hymn to alcoholic evenings with friends. Not casually the track after "Green Fairy".
9. The Cowboy's Law:
The Cowboy´s Law was written when news of suicide entrepreneurs due to the financial crisis was on the agenda. So I identified myself with one of them, living the last day of my life before committing suicide. I came up whit the cowboy's idea when I heard of a local artisan that killed himself with a gunshot, this news brought me back to a western atmosphere, where the value of a life didn't have lot of weight. I tried to imagine the shame of a man who decides to do it over, to stop fighting and find some peace after losing his job, home and family and the hatred he may have felt inside, trapped in that situation.
10. Ignorance:
This is the last one, but the first one whit an official video and develop the theme that has been the common thread of the whole Album: freedom of thought. I want to stay as I am, say what I say and do what I want even if this can make me an ignorant person. Ignorance and Metal!!

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