News: Harker's 'No Discordance' Out Now- Download Codes Available

Brighton, UK punk rock powerhouse HARKER recently released their debut album 'No Discordance' and the reviews are in.

What others are saying about Harker's "No Discordance":

"...the first great punk record of 2018.."- Alreadyheard
"No Discordance is a beauty. It’s a punk thriller. Harker are gifted. Their music highlights punk at its best. Their honest heart-pullers are beautiful."- Punkanormal Activity
"Reminded me of some of the early 1990s punk from the likes of Husker Du and The Meat Puppets..."- Punk Online
"Don’t sleep on this album; you’re unlikely to find a UK punk album that hits this hard for a while now."- The Soundboard Reviews
"...infectious pop-punk tunes with teeth."- ThePunkSite
"An album packed with energy and biting lyrics, Harker return with a fantastic album that highlights their skill of making songs that keep it real and melodies that keep your attention – this is a band I already need to hear more from..."- Thinking Lyrically
"we get a real Seaway meets Jimmy Eat World vibe, and that’s one gnarly combo" - MOSH
"a full fleshed-out ruckus punk rock assault" - Already Heard
Released via Wiretap Records in the US, 'No Discordance' is available for purchase at:
Harker are: 
Mark Boniface– guitar & vocals 
Phoebe Saunders - bass & vocals 
Tony Ware - guitar 
Matt Claxton - drums

Harker online: 

Follow Wiretap Records at

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