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Track By Tracks: I Fight Bears - I Fight Bears (2018)

‘Hammers’( ), this was one of the first tracks I wrote for this album. It’s about being the person that has trouble at work, the person who can't lose weight, the person who has failed relationships and the person who thinks he can't do anything about it. Hammers is about taking that punishment and overcoming, learning to do things differently, standing up and being victorious.

‘Envision’ ( ), I loved writing this song because I was at a point when I was getting control of aspects of my life. This song portrays a sense of overcoming but still illuminates certain elements in your mind that want to pull you back to a negative place.

‘Lost the fight’ ( ), this is a song for anyone who has lost a battle in their life, lost a loved one or faced a tragedy. The song is about struggles of existing in society but knowing a path to take and having a vision of that outcome.

‘Design and purpose’, I wrote this when I was waiting for a train one day, I noticed how very regimented people's lives are. Get up, go to work, come home, repeat. So this song is about how we are "designed for a purpose". But some people cannot break that regimental cycle and let things stagnate with no hope. There's lyrics in the song that relate to sticking to that path or breaking that path.”

Drew Hamley remarks “’Life of one’, this is track was written during the Junior Doctors strike and really emphasises how if we continually put these people under pressure to work more hours, it will lead to mistakes and the inevitable loss of life.”

Dan Blackmore picks things up again and talks about the next song, ‘Disposed’: “At times in my life, I've felt very distant from people and at certain times I've felt that certain people in my life don't want to get close or don't have the time. This is what Disposed is about. Depression can be devastating, and some people cannot compensate for other people’s problems as they are too caught up in their own lives to help. This is a song for those people. You are not alone. Life is a journey, and you have a purpose. “

Dan continues also comments on the tracks ‘Trust’ and ‘Exhale’: ‘Trust’ is about when a relationship is completely broken and cannot continue and instead of letting it go, you push to try and rebuild that relationship. But that relationship is already over and if you push to try and make it good again, the person you’re trying to win back can end up completely resenting and despising you for it. Some things need to be left alone. Move on.

While, ‘Exhale’ is a song about showing that you are worthy of being in situations that you are more than capable of handling by demonstrating that you will not give up and that you are a strong person. The human mind can accomplish anything. It’s all about perspective.”

Drew then fills us in about ‘Smoking gun’: “This track was written during the time of the EU referendum and is largely about the campaign certain individuals chose to run for them to win the argument and consequences of those campaigns. Bigotry, hate and murder.”

Lastly, Dan chats about the song, ‘System’, “This was part written with Drew after the results of Brexit, we couldn't comprehend the choice that was made by the public and the effect this can have on the long run on our country and our futures.”

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