Track By Tracks: New Horizons - Inner Dislocation (2018) - Breathing The Core


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lunes, 26 de febrero de 2018

Track By Tracks: New Horizons - Inner Dislocation (2018)

1. Where is the end:

Mystery of life and existencial questions about creation always rack men brain since start of time. The song tries to give a vision about consciousness that something exists beyond what man can see, understand and explain. Reality is just a projection of this far world. Man constantly tries to find answers to these questions, searching between complex and different solutions.
2. Born in the future:

Waiting for a birth can project many uncertainties into future father’s mind: how will his life change? Will he be able? He has to live together with this unknown anxiety, almost until his son could help him once become mature and ready to tackle life by himself.
3. Inhuman Wrath:

Human mind is a complex mechanism created by nature. In this so complicated mess of emotions lives the animal instinct, rage, wrath and violence. Often man uses these dark emotions every time they seem to be the easiest solution. But to fight fire with fires does only increase the heat, and violence is the son of ignorance, it drains intellect.
4. Borderlands (Part 1):

The line between life and death is so tiny. In this part 1 of the entire song this border is described through a similarity with a slippery land confused by fog. It’s important to be careful to the precipice that we could find in front of us. It is necessary only a little distraction that we can fall down, in the darkness of inexplicable void.
5. Borderlands (Part 2):

In the second part of the song the tiny and fragile border between life and death is clear. Man becomes aware, and he tries to keep everything from life, tasting its sense, dreaming and always holding every sign that life give us.
6. The trail of shadows:

Road to glory and personal fulfillment is hard and long, rich of obstacles. However, the desire to be part of the ensemble of people who changed history is strong, and it guides man to sacrifice himself and take on new challenges.

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