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Track By Tracks: Voracious Scourge - Our Demise (2018)

1. Harbinger of our own Demise:

Not only is this the first musical piece written for the ep. it’s also my favorite song. Harbinger is a straight forward onslaught of old school Death Metal. The track starts off with an in your face opening riff with Mike Smith doing what he does best, literally assaulting and beating the shit out of his drum kit. Adrie’s vocal performance on this track is so heavy and, in your face, especially during the chorus. He commands your attention and dares you to look away. The guitar melody during the chorus adds a nice touch to the song and opens the whole section up. Giving it an epic feel. Jason Pilgrim from grind legends Flesh Parade lent his unique vocal style to this track as well. His style is a great complement to Adrie’s and it sounds powerful when they are both screaming the lyrics “Am I Insane? Am I Insane?" In the chorus. It still gives me goose bumps every time I hear it.

2. Fortuity of the Deceived:

Angry, honest and brutal would be the words I used to describe this track. The opening riff sets the stage for the brutality to come. It starts off fast then punches you in the face when the verse riff kicks in with Adrie's aggressive vocals. He really conveys through his vocal delivery and tone how I felt when I was writing the words to this song. Especially during the breakdown section of the song. Sounds like he gargled with broken glass before he sang this part. Once again Mike delivers a solid in your face performance on this song which feels like you’re getting your face stomped into the pavement. Lance’s bass playing, and my guitar are step by step on this track matching note for note the intensity of each riff together. I wrote the lyrics to this song about 3 1/2 years ago with no intention to use them for anything. They were basically just thoughts that were running through my mind one night when I was at lowest I had ever been mentally and emotionally. Those times are long gone, and life is a much brighter place these days, but these words still remind me of that lonely dark place.

3. Expiate the Depraved:

The opening riff to this track is straight vicious and brutal. Just a nasty riff. This song is also the only track on the ep with solos. They are not long and drawn out but quick and to the point after each verse. The chorus section in this song has a definite old school vibe with big open chords, harmonies and choir style vocals reminiscent to old Dismember and Morbid Angel tracks. This song also features Jason Pilgrim of Flesh Parade in the last chorus section. Lyrically its how I feel about people who prey upon the weak and helpless of our society, mainly speaking of children. My feelings are if you hurt a child, physically, or sexually you deserve death, end of story. No jail, just execution.

4. Oracle of Repugnance:

The lyrics to this song are loosely based on the Oracle scene in the movie 300.This was the last song I wrote for the ep and it was also the easiest one to create. I felt like I already had 3 good aggressive songs written so I wanted to try and take a different approach. I wanted to write more of an epic style song with more open chords, a cool intro melody and a clean section, but keep that brutal feel. All the main riffs to Oracle were written basically in 1 night. With the opening riff melodies created the next night. So, the music flowed quickly. The trick however was creating lyrics that would match up with each section to convey mood set by the music. That took a few nights, but I think it worked out perfectly. This song also features a female spoken part by Katie Dobson.

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