Track By Tracks: Witches Of Doom – Love Will Tear Us Apart (2018)

1. Lizard Tongue:

It' s the first single of the album and a no-no brainer opener that blends Danzig with Rammstein and other industrial music....Lizard has got that punchy feeling that creeps into your brain and never let you go.... the lyrics are about an evil woman that plays with your soul....and your mind...

2. Run with the Wolf:

It has an unusual pace that goes into an oriental beat that combines dark music with metal in an original way....the finale has a pattern of keyboards that remind us of prime Faith No More of Angel Dust period....

3. Deface:

A powerful synth starts it in a take no prisoners mood....this track mixes Marylin Manson and Korn with early day wave english music like Mission...the chorus is really catchy in the main melody.

4. Winter Coming:

A Lullaby carillon piano kicks in....and then this 80s ballad starts to take off with its Alice in Chains chorus....the lyrics are sad and are about a long farwell....a n nostalgic song.

5. Homeless:

This is the most experimental song of the whole can hear FNM elements mixed carefully with Killing Joke rhythmic patterns...the mid staccato it's quintessential Tarantino soundtrack vibe with the tremolo vibrato guitar ....       
6. Black Voodoo Girl:

The second part of the album begins with a gothic stomper....if you fancy early Cure and 69 Eyes with a pinch of mid career Paradise Lost then don't go any further.....a hell of a track that will be perfect for a cemetery full moon party at midnight....

7. Mater Mortis:

A eerie instrumental with some 70s influences that go form Death SS and pentagram...

8. Gospel for War:

Down meets Sabbath this what you need to know about this heavy doom song...the vocals are quite similar to prime Phil Anselmo....groovy song indeed!!!!

9. I Don't Want to Be a Star:

The gran finale of the album is a Doors era slow somber song with some Faith no More reference .....the coda in crescendo it s a slow burner....

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