Behind The Artwork: Exekution - The Worst Is Yet To Come (2018)

“The worst is yet to come” is the title of the new Exekution’s album. By this title they mean to say that things are getting worse day by day and even though a lot has been done already to solve this situation, a lot needs to be done.

The artwork of the cover tries to reflect the meaning of the title in a surrealistic way. In the middle there is a mix of rotten faces which try to express our governments and the people who are in charge of world economy. They are corrupted by money and power. On their minds there is only one rule, fight one against the other, that’s why there are vultures combating. It wants to compare their scavenger attitude with those birds. At the top of the faces there is an explosion due to the mental madness they’ve got and because this only can lead to an even worse situation. The faces are vomiting their grounds, their ideas, their wastes and their frustrations to all of us, so that we are swimming and decaying in their puke.

As the artist says: 

“All the inspiration comes from the visual baggage, artistic and musical that everyone acquires through the years. Exekution inspired me. It's my "modus operandi", listen to the band and go sketching while you surf between riffs, double bass drums and voices from beyond the grave. Artists like Simon Bisley, Frank Frazetta or John Dyer Baizley are always in mind when I work on projects like this. I suppose that it is better to set free the imagination and all its referents are reflected in one way or another in the work. I wanted to convey the feeling that the group produced me while I listened the album. It was a tremendous punch in the stomach and left me with an "Epic Hangover". I would like to thank Exekution for the freedom they have given me to contribute my vision to their art. It has been a real pleasure.” GIL H.

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