Behind The Artwork: Foul Body Autopsy - This Machine Kills Zombies (2018)

The artwork for this album was done by Zonument - The Art of Alan O'Neill. The original idea for the artwork in my mind was to have the focus be from the back of the room facing the stage. Then have the venue be full of zombies with me on stage swinging my guitar like an axe to fend off the zombies.

I asked Alan to comment on creating the artwork for this behind the art interview he stated. “Tom asked me to draw him playing a gig with a load of zombies as the audience. I designed everything based on an open brief and spent 40+ hours refining the early rough sketches. Everything is from imagination bar a little reference I used from one of Tom’s recording photoshoots.”

The artwork has a load of Easter eggs and other cool things within the extended version that comes with the download of the album from Bandcamp. I am very happy with the artwork and think it is one of the best covers I have had done over the years.

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