Behind The Artwork: In-Defilade - Elude (2017)

Elude’s artwork is a symbolism-based elemental collage showcasing the album’s entire lyrical content. The aesthetic created for us by Mythrid Art is an expression beautifully encapsulating all that we on this album and that we in general stand for. The centerpiece being a mother clutching her young symbolizes catalystic elements that are vulnerable and that we strive to protect and to cultivate unto stronger evolution. The wolves symbolize the stance of guardianship that we as grown men and that we as warriors of our circle uphold to defend all held dear to us. The exterior forces looming over and encroaching from behind symbolize all that which is constantly intruding upon our lives and jeopardizing our peace, whether it be from theocratic oppression, kleptocratic parasitism, the corrupt in power that ceaselessly endeavor to strip us of liberty, and/or toxic personal dynamics that breed nothing but chronic weakness, all of which we defy with utmost violence. The peregrine falcon taking flight, referencing a lyric from “The Collapse," symbolizes the couriering of a message or a hope from one generation to the next, but also, once again, the primal ferocity (more than aptly translated through the aural barbarism we write) that we display toward any and all purveyors of our undoing. If you’re familiar with the peregrine falcon, you know that it is an absolutely wicked beast, and although it is not always 100% effective with how it strikes, it strikes no matter what. You come anywhere near its nest, it strikes. IN-DEFILADE.

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