Behind The Scenes Interviews: Crossing The Limits - Reverse (Music Video)

Launching from Norwich, pop-punks Crossing The Limits will release their debut EP ‘Perseverance’ on 6 th April 2018. Rachael Holland, the vocalist for the newcomers, sets the scene: “Its about walking through the storm. Life gets rough, but you have to keep going. You can't just sit there in your rut and give up, you have to persevere through set backs to grow.” Earlier this year, the band put out infectiously catchy debut single ‘Won’t Settle’ here. Now they have released the follow-up, ‘Reverse’ here, with Holland keen to give a further insight into it…

1. So firstly, why did you pick that ‘Reverse’ as your sophomore single release?

We picked this track to be a single as we feel it is the best song we've written as a band, it really has set the bar for our upcoming songs. The song is pretty intense and lyrically heartfelt and personal. Tell us, what the video is about and how does it relate to the song?

The Video shows me in a house going through a box of old cards and things of my ex. After me and this person had broken up, I took it really hard. I honestly have never felt that broken and lost in my life. I spent a lot of my time just being by myself and going over and over every little thing in my head, things I did wrong, things I wish I could change, If somehow we could fix it. It was pure torture and I was doing it to myself. I love when the video goes to the full band shots because it shows a much stronger image, when I'm with the band my demons are so much weaker.

2. Where did you shoot it?

We'd hired a house on the outskirts of Great Yarmouth and planned to shoot full band shots outside the house. It turned out it was pouring down with rain that day, making that idea impossible. I am honestly a big believer in everything happening for a reason and that's exactly what happened for the better, when we got there the woman who hired us out the property offered to show us a barn she had. We walked in and looked up at the chandeliers, the atmosphere of it was perfect. We were so pleased and it was so much cooler than our first plan! The gloomy medieval vibe of the place was really fitting for the song.

3. Who directed ‘Reverse’?

We shot the video with Jay Hillyer, he's really great to work with. He's friendly and someone who can just make you feel at ease.

4. Can you tell us about anything interesting or unusual that happened?

Nobody should ever ask me for directions ever! I sent Dan to Great Yarmouth city centre, when actually the place was miles away on the outskirts in a field haha! The woman we hired out the house from was really friendly, to be honest we thought it was gonna be hard for someone to let a rock band into their house to shoot a video, but she came in when we were shooting and said she really liked it. She was also cool enough to let me completely destroy a bedroom with feathers everywhere from shredding up a pillow, we did clean the place right after but that was filled with regret. It took so long to get all those stupid feathers up.

5. Finally, what are your thoughts on the outcome? 

We're super happy with the outcome and we're really proud of it.

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