The UnravelingAils' debut album (April 20, The Flenser), is more than just the ghost of vocalist Laure Shanaman and guitarist/vocalist Christy Cather former band, Ludicra. It stands firmly on its own, offering an intense synthesis of raucous black metal and melodic death metal driven by the formidable dueling vocals of Shanaman and Cather. In 2015, the duo's desire to play the music they love brought them together with like-minded friends Sam Abend (Abrupt, Desolation), Colby Bryn (2084, One In The Chamber), and Jason Miller (Phantom Limbs).  
And now, we await the release of their debut-full length, The Unraveling.  These are songs of despair, heartache, inner torment, and physical and mental suffering that make an immediate and lasting impression. The album’s epic second single, “Bitter Past” is a nine-and-a-half-minute journey and a glimpse into Ails’ monumental debut LP.  Listen now on Invisible Oranges.
Pre-orders are available now from The Flenser.  More information to surface soon.  

The Unraveling, Track list:
2. Dead Metaphors
3. Any Spark of Life
3. Mare Weighs Down
4. The Ruin

Top photo by: JehN.W.A.

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