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News: Fight For Friday Announce ‘Someone You Could Trust’: Northern Pop-Punks Detail Sophomore EP & Stream Lead Single ‘Headache’

Hailing from Cumbria and Manchester, Pop-Punk Quartet Fight For Friday have announced their sophomore EP. Entitled ‘Someone You Could Trust’, the five-tracker will be self-released on the 11th of May. Taking the title from a beloved The Wonder Year’s song, vocalist/guitarist Seb Harper reveals: “It is relevant to the context of the EP and the message we are trying to portray: the effect that other people can have on someone’s happiness, health and life experience.” Now streaming their first single from the record here, ‘Headache’ is as Harper reveals: “a song based on introspection, overthinking and loneliness. We wrote it after the news of Chester Bennington's death and although it isn't directly related to him, it made me think about how much other people can affect your own thoughts and how hard it can be when there's nobody around to listen or impact your thoughts in a positive way. It's probably our most powerful song in terms of both musicality and lyrical content.”
Completed by Lloyd Scott-McCullough on Lead Guitar, Sol Barrow on Bass and Matthew Grosvenor on Drums, Fight For Friday are diamonds in the rough. As their first band, the project began life as an extra-cirricular school activity at the tender age of 14, picking a name which “sounded pretty cool. Not so much anymore.” Now seeing the eldest member turn 20, they find themselves in the position of “having spent four years experimenting and undergoing a line-up change. We’ve achieved more than we’d initially hoped - playing at huge venues such as Manchester Academy, Fac251; releasing our first EP in 2016 and having toured the UK twice. The best thing about this band is the natural bond and growth that we have. We are nothing more than a high school band that didn’t stop, carrying on to get to the stage that we are now. It wasn’t the quickest journey but its definitely been the most fun.”
Recording ‘Someone You Could Trust’ took place at White Bear Studios, with engineer David Page at the helm. Describing the material as being the result of “feeling depressed and fun riffs”, the band recall that the creative process was led by allowing ideas to flow and “riding the wave”, rather than overthinking. Writing about personal situations and relations, they cover topics such as mediocrity, false apologies, standing up to haters and mental health awareness.  Within the genre they are inspired by the likes of The Story So Far and New Found Glory, creating a scrappy and lively pop-punk, in combination with flairs borrowed from classic rock and hardcore, saying: “We’ve taken influences from heavier bands along with bringing more introspective emotional vibes into the mix. What probably sets us apart from other artists is our huge range of different influences going into our music.”
Fight For Friday ‘Someone You Could Trust’ Tracklisting: 

1. Life Hits You Hard 
2. Take it Or Leave it 
3. I Feel Bad, But You Should Feel Worse 
4. Target Practice 
5. Headache

Fight For Friday Self-Release Sophomore EP ‘Someone You Could Trust’ On 11/05/18 

Currently Announced Fight For Friday Dates: 

27/03/18 - Atomic, Wrexham 
26/04/18 - Satan's Hollow, Manchester 
04/05/18 - Piel Castle, Ulverston
27/05/18 - Croft Rock Festival, Barrow in Furness 
01/06/18 - The Salty Dog, Northwich

Stream ‘Headache’ Now:
More From Fight For Friday: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

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