News: INFINITEE "Free" Prog Shredding In New Guitar Playthrough via New Noise Mag

Few bands’ music has ever lived up to their name as much as Tres Thomas’ superb instrumental project INFINITEE; for theirs is an infinity of sounds, a universe of music waiting to be discovered.

Yet there is no self-indulgence, the song is always served. Combining the cranium crunch of Metallica and the progressive flights of fancy of Mastodon,INFINITEE are a truly special act.

Tres Thomas is also guitarist of Tales Of The Tomb. He formed INFINITEE in 2016. It quickly became its own iconoclastic beast, forging its own musical path. Debut album “The Possibilities Are Endless” is only the starting point, INFINITEE have the potential to become huge. Tres explains “the band has somehow evolved its way into the band it is today.”

Inspired by My Chemical Romance, Dance Gavin Dance, Plini, Modern Day Babylon, The Contortionist, Tres describes INFINITEE’s sound as djenty, heavy, dynamic, melodic and progressive.

Stoked for fans to hear INFINITEE’s debut album, Tres comments:

“It will definitely be different! However, the title track ‘The Possibilities Are Endless’ leaves all sorts of possibilities open…no pun intended! Tracks like ‘Xenocybin’, ‘Lost’ and the title track are more metal and conventional with their instrumentation. Tracks like ‘Robots Vs The Wooden Chairs Part 1 and 2 are more influenced by EDM, which has sparked the interest of people who aren’t really a fan of metal or djent, but appreciate the more electronic elements of music. This is basically a battle of robots (electronic made sounds) and the wooden chairs (guitars, bass, drums) that are wooden and made and played by humans!”

Teaming up with New Noise MagINFINITEE are setting their prog shredding "Free" in their new guitar playthrough.

"This song is by favourite and is most fun to play. This song was what made me realize Infinitee needs to be more open and not just one genre. This is the staple/ flag of Infinitee’s writing!" says Tres.

Fans who will enjoy “The Possibilities Are Endless” when it's released will also be delighted to know that the possibilities of new music from INFINITEEare also endless as Tres says he has more music to come! 

“I have another album ready to record, and I am working on my third. Anything is possible…expect anything!”

INFINITEE’s debut album “The Possibilities Are Endless” is due out April 20, 2018. 

Pre-order available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

Track Listing:

1. Xenocybin (3:24)
2, Lost (3:23)
3. Robots vs. The Wooden Chairs Pt.1 (3:39)
4. Robots vs. The Wooden Chairs Pt.2 (5:00)
5. The Possibilities Are Endless (3:59)
6. Free (4:41)

Album Length: 24:09

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