News: Kentucky Acid Rock Trio BABY BONES Premiere "Bottom Breather" via The Obelisk

Louisville, Kentucky-based heavy rockers BABY BONES have premiered their psychedelic, desert rock-laden single, "Bottom Breather," via The Obelisk. The punk-infused trio's debut album, The Curse of the Crystal Teeth, is due out April 14 via Gubbey Records.
Listen to the Iommi/Homme worship song, "Bottom Breather," AT THIS LOCATION.
JJ Koczan of The Obelisk says, "Not necessarily reinventing the wheel, but burning its tires out at good speed, BABY BONES‘ The Curse of the Crystal Teeth is a raw but aesthetically engaged, short debut long-player that I’d probably call an EP were it not for the fluidity with which the material draws together." Of "Bottom Breather," the song "touches on Queens of the Stone Age in vocal melody but remains rawer in its overall sound, turning to a nodding riff seemingly out of nowhere in its second half like younger Melvins before they started believing their own hype and cruising to an easy finish."

Recorded by the band at Tin Pan Basement Studios in Louisville and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East in Cambridge, Mass., The Curse of the Crystal Teeth is 17-minutes of riff-oriented acid rock made by veteran punks bent on global domination.

Guitarist Thomas Burgos on “Bottom Breather”:

“The second single, ‘Bottom Breather,’ musically speaking, encompasses a feeling of drowning with a dichotomy of syncopated guitars and a familiar 4/4 drumbeat leading you to believe everything is OK. But that’s just the surface. As the song states, ‘So still, from shore/Turbulent below,’ so too does the song appear calm and collected as hook-filled bridges drag you further and further below its mighty depths, challenging conventional interpretation of what rock music is and should be.”

BABY BONES is the compilation of three forces within the local Louisville, Kentucky, music scene. The trio recorded their first song together in 2016 for the highly-publicized “We Have A Bevin Problem” compilation, a response to Kentucky’s attacks on reproductive rights, benefiting Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky. In doing so, the trio propelled themselves into an unknown–but bright –trajectory towards the cosmos.

Watch the band’s trippy music video for “Pay Us In Dimes” AT THIS LOCATION.
Imagine if KISS went punk, knocked up the Queens of the Stone Age and married a surfer girl, but then got divorced and remarried the sister of Slayer. That’s what BABY BONES brings to the table: a punk conglomeration of modern sound, birthed from the murky waters of music’s excessively scandalous history. The question should not be whether BABY BONES has reinvented the wheel, but rather: Why did they set fire to the car that the wheel was attached to?

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