News: Meltdown Premieres 'From This Day To The Grave' In Full, Begins Tour This Saturday

Imminence Records' Spanish Metalcore outfit Meltdown has premiered their Imminence Records debut in full. Along with the full album stream, the band's track "Just Run" was added to the official Spotify "New Metal Tracks" playlist right before the band hits the road starting Saturday. From This Day To The Grave is out now on Imminence Records and Art Gates Records.
"The album is a collection of our circumstances, our insecurities, our thoughts and our views of the world and lives we are living. it is a very personal album and I think anyone can feel self-reflected into it. We have summed up many things that happened to us this past year and during the writing of the album there, so I think many people that are into modern hardcore metal will enjoy this. Now is tour time, Europe is coming next!” - Mikel Amundarain (Guitarist)

1. Rip Out My Eyes 
2. Just Run 
3. Titans (Feat. Rober from Bellako) 
4. Love is Rage 
5. F.I.R.E. 
6. Death Is A Promise (Feat. Flo from Landmvrks) 
7. Museo Ibiltaria (With Gartxot) 
8. Underdogs 
9. Black and Cold 
10. Poison Cliff

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