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News: Moonwalker Sign with Standby Records; Debut Full-Length To Released Summer 2018

NY alternative rockers Moonwalker (featuring 2/5's of former pop-punk/indie outfit Reckless Serenade) have signed with Standby Records, which plans to release the band's debut LP this summer.
A music video for the song "Serotonin" can be streamed here:
Blasting off on a dance-rock hybrid fueled by old-school synths as well as movies like Gravity and Planet Earth re-runs, it might seem like Moonwalker hail from a different universe altogether at first listen. That’s precisely the charm of the New York outfit—Rob Crews [vocals], Mark Neidhardt [guitar], Bryan Witt [bass].
Vocalist Rob Crews says, "Over the year we’ve made a ton of musical changes, but the one I’m most proud of is our change in attitude. With every song on this new record, we are being very unapologetic with our choices sonically and lyrically. We aren’t pulling any punches this time around. There are going to be songs that are joyous as hell, heartbreaking as hell, romantic as hell, angry as hell and sassy as hell. As a songwriter and performer, I have never felt more liberated and I can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been up to."
Guitarist Mark Neidhardt says, "When I write music I’m trying to portray a certain emotion in each song. In the past I was limited by the amount of sounds a guitar could make but by learning how to use software synths like Omnisphere I was opened up to an infinite amount of new sounds and ideas. Songs like "Serotonin," "Tunnel Vision" and "Window Shopping" were basically us just scratching the surface as to what was possible when you combine a live band with software synths on the computer. On this new album we take it to an entirely new level and have created something I don’t think anyone has ever heard before. I’ve never been more inspired and excited about making music and I’m so stoked to show everyone what we’ve created."
“We really love atmospheric sounds,” explains Mark. “For this band, much of the writing took place while watching outer space movies and nature documentaries. That really gave the music a different dynamic. The name says it all. It takes this space fascination and ties it into the dance aspect.”

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