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Hopeless Records band The Used have announced European dates for August, in support of their seventh album "The Canyon", released last October and available for streaming here.
They will bring their mind-blowing live show to the following venues in
August 2018:

14/8 Gothenburg, Sweden - Pusterviksbaren
15/8 Stockholm, Sweden - Fryshuset
18/8 Sankt Polten, Austria - Frequency Festival Austria
21/8 Bochum, Germany - Zeche
22/8 Zurich, Switzerland - Dynamo
Written out of pain and loss, “The Canyon” is tragic and haunting whilst also having a sense of light and energy that is unlike anything the band have ever done before. 'The Canyon' will take fans on a lyrical journey through the intimate psyche of Bert McCracken:

I’ve learned as an artist that a great idea is such a gift.  If I don’t stop whatever it is I’m doing, even if while driving, if I don’t pull over at that moment, then maybe I didn’t deserve the idea to begin with. I learned to respect and worship the ideas in that way, that they are and will always be something sacred. Stopping in that moment was a brand new approach for us during this process”.

Produced by Ross Robinson (The Cure, At The Drive-In), this 17- track opus was recorded entirely on tape, with no more than 3 takes being used on each song. Every musical note and vocal heard on the record was recorded entirely on tape without a click track at the legendary Valentine Studio with some songs featuring string arrangements and a choir. The process was unique and unlike anything the band has done before. They would hit record and play it as if they were on stage, without a backing track. Songs weren’t played and recorded repeatedly until the magic was gone. What you are hearing is what really took place within the recording process. Every nuance was captured and with every listen you experience something new.
Over the last 15 years The Used have released a collection of albums that have shaped the space of the alternative rock scene. High energy live shows, gut wrenching relatable lyrics, and melodies that blended pop sensibility and hard rock creating the perfect combination to make an everlasting impression on fans globally.  The band put everything into writing and recording 'The Canyon' and from start to finish you are submerged into an inescapable visceral universe and McCracken leaves us with “That’s what this record is–it’s a moment of silence for what’s real”.
Be sure to check out the official music videos for  ‘Over and Over Again  (Over 750K views) and ‘Rise Up Lights’ taken from their stunning new album “The Canyon”.

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