News: While My City Burns Announce Debut Album's Release Date!

While My City Burns (Metalcore/Post-Hardcore from Iceland) are proud to announce that their debut album "Prone To Self Destruction" will be released on 30 March 2018 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Aural Music Group worldwide and in Japan on 30 May 2018 via Wormholedeath Japan / Disk Union Distribution.

This album can be described as a mix of the band influences into a sweet kick-ass Metal blend with tasty riffs, crushing breakdowns and choruses that get stuck in your head.

The pure and yet wild sound of Iceland's extreme music is ready to conquer Europe!


1 Intro
2 New Beginnings
3 Alligator Char
4 Monument
5 Dear Dad
6 Stranger Things
7 You Know Who You Are
8 Heartbreaker
9 Wolves Are Among Us
10 Vivens Mortua
11 Where Do We Go From Here      
12 Best of Me (Bonus Track)

13 Out of My Mind (Bonus Track)    

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