Track By Tracks: Exekution - The Worst Is Yet To Come (2018)

1. Hegemony of hatred:

As the album title announces, the worst is yet to come, butwhat is the origin? If you think about human behavior and the way people and civilizations have grown hate, you can easily understand why history of mankind has always been splattered by deception and horror. It is about all of those who get power through the propaganda of fear, above all, using racism as a weapon. It is a cancer visible in the whole world.

2. Escoria humana:

It is the first Exekution’s song sang in Spanish. This song talks about that particular person we all know that we can not put up with. This track’s riffs are crazy, fast and unpredictable in order to express disgust against that particular person no one of us would ever like to be.

3. On you mother’s face: 

What can be said with a title like that? In terms of topic, it can be said that continues with the attitude of the previous song. The main difference is the dynamics of the song. In this case its soundness and its simplicity make’s it a classic solid thrash metal song.

4. The worst is yet to come:

The song that gives name to the album was never meant to be the main single but its length and the variability of its passages have proved that it is a great track. You can slightly feel the progressive style in it but always with the simplicity of the old school atmosphere that reminds you that sometimes complexity is use or senseless. It describes how things are going to get even worse than what they are now. In order to provide a true Thrash Metal song the lyrics are very typical: what would the world be like after the 3rd World War.

5. Sodomize a priest:

One of the first songs written for this album, it can be named as the most thrash metal old school of the LP. With an intro that provides us the main idea of the song, a fast and sharp riff comes in and by the time you realize that the song has started, the voice hits you. It wants to reflect the rejection against the priests and the church for all their oppression and repellent acts. Encourage people to sodomy priests in return for their bad actions.

6. El cepo de mi coche:

It is based on a true story that happened to a band member. As a party animal sometimes, he used to drive under the influence of alcohol. This song explains the day he got caught by Spanish police (guardia civil) and what he did to pay the penalty fee. It is a simple fast song sung in Spanish that lasts less than two minutes.

7. Epic hangover:

It's the story of a guy who gets up in the morning hangovering. Everything is covered by puke and he can’t remember anything. Suddenly, he hears strange noises in the kitchen and there is a very ugly chick looking in his fridge. And the kid is ashamed and regrets everything, but in his depths, he knows he will go back to the same thing again and again. It can be described as the most Heavy Metal song of the record. It’s riffs and solos are very impressive and the dynamics are so well connected that it’s difficult to define in which style place it.

8. God is a shemale:

Imagine there is only one god for all the Abrahamic religions (Christians, Muslims, Jews). If god made us as his image, it should be a hybrid between woman and man, with cock and tits. Despite the fact that the lyrics might sound a bit laughable, it is a very mature song in terms of composition. It has a very singable chorus and a very interesting mid part.

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